Friday, 13 August 2010

Buy a print, so I can get a new clutch!

Dear everyone my car has died and I'm now in a seriously dire financial situation, its an age old story of just having enough to get by and then something goes wrong. Where I live I'm totally reliant on my car and my only source of income at present is driving out to sell my sketchbooks and flash at various shops and onventions.

Anyway in a bid to try and raise some money I've got 25 hand silkscreened prints for sale, they are A3 silver print on black card and they cost £15 UK including postage, heres some awful photographs of a bit of the process and print... damnable Iphone pics... monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC

Paypal payment to include the title 'spiderskull print' and your address and they will be winging their pretty way to you asap.

If your interested in any of my other shirts or prints then go buy stuff and help me get back on the road! I'm available for comissions and my skull flash set and sketchbooks are available through my web store
monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC

Thanks for your time,