Friday, 19 November 2010

Mothzilla be praised...

Ok so had some more ideas for the skull moth design and went a bit nuts with it all. Here are a couple of the new pics:-

skulls,moths,mdcindustries,jon mdc,mandala

skulls,moths,mdcindustries,jon mdc,mandala

Click the pics to go to the relevant stores... Also there is a shirt version up on my Redbubble account here

Mainly been listening to the new Kylesa album again, it really is a seriously awesome record. Give it a listen if you like stoner/metal/fuzz/doom goodness...


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A huge ever growing brain pulsating that rules from the centre of the Ultraworld...

Nah don't worry I've not started listening the the Orb again, though I might, just popped into my head while I was doing all the bloody little dots in the moths... SO here is the finished print version of this one (click the pic to see the print options)


Think I'm gonna work on something else for a shirt with the skull moth cos I really like it and don't think this image is right for a shirt really.

Got a couple of other bits in the works, some of which might not come to fruition till next year now but keep an eye out for spoilers!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Wavering Radiant

Still messing with the moths, I'm really feeling this at the moment though not sure where its gonna go. Gonna go to town with the dot shading on the moths again but just wanted to pop up a so far shot. Anyone wanna say what they think?

skulls,moths,mdcindustries,jon mdc

Last chance to get 15% off my redbubble shizzle today with the code: mdcindustries_is_on_sale_9796 offer ends tonight.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Wasted Years...

Well had a day of not being particularly productive, really only drawn a cockroach and added it to the new skull pic... What do you think?

skull,roach,mdcindustries,monkeydeathcult,jon mdc

About the pic that is, not my lack of productivity today... I already know I'm lacking motivation.

Autumnal Abyss

Every time I go outside I'm being assulted by the beauty of the autumn changes in the trees and foliage around where I live. So feeling a bit inspired I drafted out this new pic, not sure what else is gonna be added but its had to be a skull with lots of leaves around it...

skull,mdcindustries,monkeydeathcult,jon mdc

Can't stop listening to the new Killing Joke album - Absolute Dissent, thanks Keyur! They've managed to keep their present sound while echoing the dubby bass lines and dance inspired production of the older stuff. The title track smacks of Seeing Red crossed with Millenium, but I think The Raven King is my fave song of the offering. Last time I saw them live was with Noli at the Astoria, 2 things I miss more than I can express.


Thursday, 4 November 2010

Redbubble 15% off

Ok use the following 15% discount code: mdcindustries_is_on_sale_9796 when buying anything on my Redbubble store until 14th of November. Go on get someone a sweet skull shirt for xmas...

Or this alternate version of my skull calendar!

skull,moth,mdcindustries,monkeydeathcult,jon mdc


Friday, 29 October 2010

This Black Procession of Days...

Keeps rolling on... Did another calendar its a remix of the last years worth of skull prints. Let me know what you think!

monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC



Surprise Your Bored...

2nd skateboard design up for sale on Zazzle. Let me know what you think kids... Been crunking to the new Heiress/Narrows split, sooooo good. Heiress need to hurry up and put out a full length...monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC


Sunday, 24 October 2010

Face down in the street...

Is generally where I end up if I try to stand on a skateboard, but skate and grafitti art have always been an inspiration to me. So I decided to do this design on a skateboard available in my new Zazzle store, more to come soon!

monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC

Oh if anyone knows of a site that prints bandanas then let me know, fancy an 80's metal comeback!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Don't Look Back...

Really still loving the new Kylesa album its heavy but easily the most listenable offering to date from those guys. Its been getting me some tough times, as my denticular nightmare is still ongoing, and looking like I may be still waiting around for another 8-10 weeks, not sure when the term 'urgent' changed its meaning... Oh well hopefully have some more stuff to post up as working on a few little projects, I've got a calendar up for sale on DA which can be found here monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC

And this is todays spaced out stoner skull jam...

monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC

Bunch of new shirts and cards up on Redbubble from the calendar designs, check the link to the side.



Sunday, 26 September 2010

Rule the Divine

Finished all them bloody dots, so let me know what you think monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC click the pick to get a print from DA!

Shirt version is bit different, I put a blue hue throughout and think its a bit more punchy for the fabric print.

monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC

Might do a proper coloured version at some point but I needed to leave it for a bit and I want to know if you think the contrasts are right with the dots?

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Pieces from the whole...

Living in these self medicating times of mine I've had old Killing Joke, new Reznor, Torche, Grinderman and Black Mountain providing a back drop to the close up dotty madness I've inflicted on my fragile eggshell mind... Here's a progress shot...
monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC

Gimme some feedback if your out there reading this... x

Monday, 20 September 2010

Karmically Bancrupt....

Not sure what I've done recently that has pissed off the fates so badly but this run of misfortune is starting to take its toll on my sunny disposition, so please I beg your indulgence if I whine a little. I'm waiting on the hospital to call me about an emergency appointment for surgery to remove whats left of a tooth. I went to the dentist and after what seemed like a deleted scene from Hostel involving being held down by a frightened looking nurse while an older lady tortured me with a pair of pliars, before snapping the tooth she was supposed to extract. This was almost a week ago now and I've been in varying amounts of pain and not really able to do anything except watch TV. Then my car failed its MOT and my computer monitor died. I often think that someone else is riding the high life on my karmic flux, and when I find the bastard they are really gonna feel some serious wrath...

Anyhoo heres the beginning of a new skull pic that I'd started putting together before the denticular nightmare began... Got a lot of work left in it but happy so far. Let me know what you think, I really appreciate feedback!

xmonkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Ooh lookee its another skull!

New pic for the 3rd edition of Dave Grant's Skull Book, 1st and 2nd are available now click the pic to go and order them! monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC

Been a very dot-tastic few days and my eyes are all shot to shit... I really like this pic tho and might edit it down to be the new header for the blog, whadda ya reckon?

Listening to Mouth of the Architect again a bloody great band, and watched the 1st episode of Sons of Anarchy Season 3 which was amazing, I really can't heap enough praise on this show...


Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Ok so dragging myself back onto the proverbial horse and making myself do some drawing, after finishing a chunk of commercial work and some of the biggest fails of recent history. Not gonna whine anymore but things were pretty f@c**d up...

This is the pens and no digital editing version just for you people bothering to check the blog... monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC

Here's the print version with the leaves added after the fact, still drawn by hand but I just couldn't face drawing them in by hand... monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC click the pic if you wanna buy a print!

And finally the shirt version added the text mainly cos it cheered me up listening to FNM, Patton is a GOD!

monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC click the pic to go buy a shirt, the shirt colours and styles can be changed and they added hoodies now too!

Oh by the way We Care A Lot!


Friday, 13 August 2010

Buy a print, so I can get a new clutch!

Dear everyone my car has died and I'm now in a seriously dire financial situation, its an age old story of just having enough to get by and then something goes wrong. Where I live I'm totally reliant on my car and my only source of income at present is driving out to sell my sketchbooks and flash at various shops and onventions.

Anyway in a bid to try and raise some money I've got 25 hand silkscreened prints for sale, they are A3 silver print on black card and they cost £15 UK including postage, heres some awful photographs of a bit of the process and print... damnable Iphone pics... monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC

Paypal payment to include the title 'spiderskull print' and your address and they will be winging their pretty way to you asap.

If your interested in any of my other shirts or prints then go buy stuff and help me get back on the road! I'm available for comissions and my skull flash set and sketchbooks are available through my web store
monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC

Thanks for your time,


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Always waiting for the bigger axe to fall...

Been a Fugazi kinda morning, the rain has broken the heat a bit which is a nice respite from the sticky oven I've been trapped in the last week or so. It zaps all my creativity and will to get on with life... Got a couple of bits to pop up and some more news. There is a review of the Skull Book II in Total Tattoo featuring my pic from the book, well stoked! Go buy it here

1st up I've go a new print for sale so mail me if your interested in this one as I'm printing only when people want them!

There is a different version on a shirt if you go to my Redbubble store on the links at the side.

And I did this version too

Thinking that I might try and put together a set of 13 A4 b/w prints with the alternate versions of these ones, I really like the lil 13 logo...

And lastly this is coming soon as a shirt for Attack! Vipers! still waiting to hear if it'll be the glow in the dark print, it'd be frickin sweet! Click the pic to go listen to their sweet tunes over at Myspac...

Other than that not so much to tell, skint, jobless but loving the futility of it all...

Friday, 25 June 2010

Choked & Seperated

Ah well seems like only yesterday I was writing on here, oh it was... Yeah well I actually managed to do something 2 days on the trot, went to see Hot Water Music last night and got all inspired again. Highlight of the night was Joe of Attack! Vipers! doing some guest vocals, sounded good even if he fluffed some of the words!!! Still have no money or work but if anyone reads this shit and is interested I'm gonna do a limited print run of this and the last pic they are roughly 30cm x 90 cm with a bit of bleed for framing, price on request.

shirt version has added axe-goodness...

Oh and I sneaked a skull in this time, my Dr recommended it!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

I just don't feel like growing up today...

Well I never feel like growing up so its not specific to today. Seem to be stuck in a period of stasis, money is tight and I keep ending up having to wait before I can do anything. I'm only generating income from stuff I sell at the moment, so its frustrating when I start to run out of books and am dependent on selling some more to print more. It starts to feel like your on some permanent holding pattern orbiting the airport of your life.

Still there is always music, friends and tattoos to keep us moving on! My leg tat was in Total Tattoo in the article about Jayne Doe , the awesome shop that houses Tiny Miss Becca and Steve Vinall, go see them and get some ink (book ahead tho, they are always in demand)... Got inked by my mate Ben not so long ago, he resides at Tattoo Boom in Southampton, go check out his blog for a bit of his sweet old school magic. My better half is gonna be working Tattoo Jam in Doncaster this year and still has some spots available, get in touch via her myspac .

The creative process was aided by the tunes of Carpathian, Baroness, Hope Conspiracy, Cursed, Harvey Milk and Heiress. Lyrics on the pic are from The Gnashing by Baroness if you don't already know them you should check them out and as always the artwork of John Dyer-Baizley is a joy and inspiration to behold (sometimes you wanna hate on these all round talented fuckers)...

Well heres the new shizzle, lemme know what you reckon and prints are only available direct from me, not from DA for a change...

Close up of the heart detail, and no I'm not a frickin West Ham supporter. The hammers are more of a nod toward my love of casual violence!

Slightly greeny version available on a shirt at the usual Redbubble address... Damn I need to work out how to optimize the colours for PNG's. Cos she looks a bit like the Green Lady now, which I'm not totally against.

Ooh and look no skulls!

Transmission ends...

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Your Path To Divinty

Been listening to Jesu and Disapearer for most of today, this strange doodle came together... Was over at the Bournemouth convention on Saturday and watched my mate John Standen reinterpret a couple of the skulls from my flash set. Should be turning up in Total Tattoo at some point... My friend Liz bigged me up on Ape On The Moon (click the pic to go have a nose)... mdcindustries,monkeydeathcult

If you hadn't noticed aside from skulls, music is the biggest influence in my work. Pretty much all the titles for my pictures are either lyrics or related to songs from my favorite artists. The title of this post is a song by Jesu, a current project of Justin K. Broadrick, check the link to his site down the side of this blog. His previous band Godflesh was one of the biggest reasons I embraced heavy music, Streetcleaner is still one of those albums that sounds as fresh as the day it was released and can out heavy a of of the shit being released at the present.Much of his other work is experimental noise and soundscapes, not really the kind of stuff that you end up humming...

Listen to Jesu, get lost in the gently lapping melodies, crushing guitars that wash over you and hypnotic beats that relax, inspire and sometimes send me to sweet dreams...



Thursday, 27 May 2010

Virginia Creeping


Inprogress... Not sure where this one is headed really but wanted to post as I'm really happy so far. If you feel like leaving me some comments that'd be grand... Its not for anything special so if your interested in something for a shirt/poster/etc then let me know as my rates are very reasonable!

Friday, 21 May 2010

In my eyes...

I think sometimes it'd be nice to just be able to sit down and not be compelled to draw skulls. I'm wondering if its some kind of disorder, maybe I could get diagnosed with skull-obssesy-itis and no one would hassle me to draw anything else... I think that'd make me pretty damn happy... Anyways usual drill there are 2 other versions of this print on my Deviant art and apparel/stickers on Redbubble (they just added stickers and baby clothes!)...


Keep flickin between listening to new Trap Them, Mouth of the Architect, Heiress and then old Atreyu... Its all so good!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

mdcindustries,monkeydeathcult Prints over at Deviant art and shirts at RedBubble, see the links to the side there! I actually feel like I'm being productive for the 1st time in a while. Hopefully more to follow...

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hmmm another Skull!

Well it seems like every time I decide to do something more productive, but less interesting I suddenly get the over whelming urge to make more skull related art. SO today I indulged in a little speed painting and got this done in 6 hours. Its acrylic on hard wood and I'm gonna varnish it up tomorrow. My 1st painting of the year is making me happy!

mdcindustries skull

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Progress through procrastination...

Some more progress on my time wasting piece... To say that I'm chuffed so far may be an understatement, this is the 1st time I've put my Thomas Hooper Skull Reference book to us (see link to his blog for more info). There will be some colour added and I'm aiming to do 2 versions of this one as a 3 colour screen print and the other as my usual digital print + shirt. Watch this space. mdcindustries,monkeydeathcult

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Side tracked...

Been trying to draw up a bunch of religious type flash for the last few days and the friggin angels are doing my brain in. Its an exercise in getting well out of my comfort zone but not sure how successful I've been, I'll post a few bits up once the lines are done... In the meantime here are a couple of other bits 1st up is the reaper I roughed out today as a kinda detox from all the other rubbish mdcindustries

And 2nd up is a little owl I drew the other week but have no idea what to do with...mdcindustries Anyone wants to colour it then get in touch and I'll mail you the lines over...

Sunday, 21 March 2010

A couple of in progress pieces...

1st up is a lined and inked shot of my submission to the upcoming Skulls Book 2 from David Grant, the 1st book can be found here and is a great addition to any skull aficionado's art collection! Keep you eyes peeled for the 2nd book coming soon...

monkeydeathcult mdcindustries

2nd up a piece I've been tweaking and playing with for a bit, just an idea for a shirt really... Colours and textures to follow.

monkeydeathcult mdcindustries

In other news I've finished my new flash set of 16 black and grey skulls here's a preview:-

monkeydeathcult mdcindustries

Follow the link at the side to my store to purchase a set.

I also had my 1st new ink of the year, 5hrs and change from Steve Vinall @ Jayne Doe in Hornchurch, he's done me proud.


Thursday, 11 March 2010

Why would you wanna read about my life?

I'm not sure my life is interesting enough to warrant a blog but here goes...

My name is Jon MDC, I'm a 33 year old British male with a penchant for bad movies, burgers, tattoos and making a lot of art involving skulls. Some of it is for sale and can be seen here Tshirts are available here and general misinformation can be found here

mdcindustries monkeydeathcult

This is my most recent pic, more to follow...