Sunday, 26 September 2010

Rule the Divine

Finished all them bloody dots, so let me know what you think monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC click the pick to get a print from DA!

Shirt version is bit different, I put a blue hue throughout and think its a bit more punchy for the fabric print.

monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC

Might do a proper coloured version at some point but I needed to leave it for a bit and I want to know if you think the contrasts are right with the dots?

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Pieces from the whole...

Living in these self medicating times of mine I've had old Killing Joke, new Reznor, Torche, Grinderman and Black Mountain providing a back drop to the close up dotty madness I've inflicted on my fragile eggshell mind... Here's a progress shot...
monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC

Gimme some feedback if your out there reading this... x

Monday, 20 September 2010

Karmically Bancrupt....

Not sure what I've done recently that has pissed off the fates so badly but this run of misfortune is starting to take its toll on my sunny disposition, so please I beg your indulgence if I whine a little. I'm waiting on the hospital to call me about an emergency appointment for surgery to remove whats left of a tooth. I went to the dentist and after what seemed like a deleted scene from Hostel involving being held down by a frightened looking nurse while an older lady tortured me with a pair of pliars, before snapping the tooth she was supposed to extract. This was almost a week ago now and I've been in varying amounts of pain and not really able to do anything except watch TV. Then my car failed its MOT and my computer monitor died. I often think that someone else is riding the high life on my karmic flux, and when I find the bastard they are really gonna feel some serious wrath...

Anyhoo heres the beginning of a new skull pic that I'd started putting together before the denticular nightmare began... Got a lot of work left in it but happy so far. Let me know what you think, I really appreciate feedback!

xmonkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Ooh lookee its another skull!

New pic for the 3rd edition of Dave Grant's Skull Book, 1st and 2nd are available now click the pic to go and order them! monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC

Been a very dot-tastic few days and my eyes are all shot to shit... I really like this pic tho and might edit it down to be the new header for the blog, whadda ya reckon?

Listening to Mouth of the Architect again a bloody great band, and watched the 1st episode of Sons of Anarchy Season 3 which was amazing, I really can't heap enough praise on this show...


Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Ok so dragging myself back onto the proverbial horse and making myself do some drawing, after finishing a chunk of commercial work and some of the biggest fails of recent history. Not gonna whine anymore but things were pretty f@c**d up...

This is the pens and no digital editing version just for you people bothering to check the blog... monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC

Here's the print version with the leaves added after the fact, still drawn by hand but I just couldn't face drawing them in by hand... monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC click the pic if you wanna buy a print!

And finally the shirt version added the text mainly cos it cheered me up listening to FNM, Patton is a GOD!

monkeydeathcult,mdcindustries,Jon MDC click the pic to go buy a shirt, the shirt colours and styles can be changed and they added hoodies now too!

Oh by the way We Care A Lot!