Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Your Path To Divinty

Been listening to Jesu and Disapearer for most of today, this strange doodle came together... Was over at the Bournemouth convention on Saturday and watched my mate John Standen reinterpret a couple of the skulls from my flash set. Should be turning up in Total Tattoo at some point... My friend Liz http://lizsterry.com/ bigged me up on Ape On The Moon (click the pic to go have a nose)... mdcindustries,monkeydeathcult

If you hadn't noticed aside from skulls, music is the biggest influence in my work. Pretty much all the titles for my pictures are either lyrics or related to songs from my favorite artists. The title of this post is a song by Jesu, a current project of Justin K. Broadrick, check the link to his site down the side of this blog. His previous band Godflesh was one of the biggest reasons I embraced heavy music, Streetcleaner is still one of those albums that sounds as fresh as the day it was released and can out heavy a of of the shit being released at the present.Much of his other work is experimental noise and soundscapes, not really the kind of stuff that you end up humming...

Listen to Jesu, get lost in the gently lapping melodies, crushing guitars that wash over you and hypnotic beats that relax, inspire and sometimes send me to sweet dreams...



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  1. i like it! this kind of music is pretty inspiring, i like this sound, when i'm painting or tattooing too!