Saturday, 6 November 2010

Autumnal Abyss

Every time I go outside I'm being assulted by the beauty of the autumn changes in the trees and foliage around where I live. So feeling a bit inspired I drafted out this new pic, not sure what else is gonna be added but its had to be a skull with lots of leaves around it...

skull,mdcindustries,monkeydeathcult,jon mdc

Can't stop listening to the new Killing Joke album - Absolute Dissent, thanks Keyur! They've managed to keep their present sound while echoing the dubby bass lines and dance inspired production of the older stuff. The title track smacks of Seeing Red crossed with Millenium, but I think The Raven King is my fave song of the offering. Last time I saw them live was with Noli at the Astoria, 2 things I miss more than I can express.


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