Sunday, 21 March 2010

A couple of in progress pieces...

1st up is a lined and inked shot of my submission to the upcoming Skulls Book 2 from David Grant, the 1st book can be found here and is a great addition to any skull aficionado's art collection! Keep you eyes peeled for the 2nd book coming soon...

monkeydeathcult mdcindustries

2nd up a piece I've been tweaking and playing with for a bit, just an idea for a shirt really... Colours and textures to follow.

monkeydeathcult mdcindustries

In other news I've finished my new flash set of 16 black and grey skulls here's a preview:-

monkeydeathcult mdcindustries

Follow the link at the side to my store to purchase a set.

I also had my 1st new ink of the year, 5hrs and change from Steve Vinall @ Jayne Doe in Hornchurch, he's done me proud.


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